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To advance girls' education and mitigate child marriage, which prevents many girls from attending school, South Sudan announced the allocation of cash grants to keep 150,000 girls in school with...
It's been a big year for education. At GPE, we have made important progress, including: welcoming 4 new partner countries, receiving additional financing from 6 donors, reaching US$4.6 billion...
A visit to Malawi brought to light the country's efforts in fighting HIV/AIDS, including through the Option B+ program, which offers lifelong treatment to HIV-positive pregnant women.
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Aid to education

While the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as well as the United States Department of State maintain primary authority over US bilateral development assistance, the US Treasury handles US contributions to multilateral development banks.

The United States is the largest provider of Official Development Assistance (ODA) for direct aid to basic education, with USAID responsible for the majority of bilateral U.S. international education assistance.

Out of the 10 countries that received the most education aid in FY 2015, three were categorized as least-developed countries by the United Nations (Afghanistan, DR Congo and South Sudan) and seven were classified as fragile by the OECD (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, DR Congo, Micronesia, South Sudan, and Nigeria).

The United States and GPE

The United States is the Board member representative of the Donor 6 constituency. Australia, Japan, Korea are also members of this constituency.

The United States is a member of the Grants and Performance Committee.

The United States has increased its 2016 contribution to the Global Partnership for Education by US$25 million to US$70 million, the highest annual contribution received from the United States to date.

Last updated May 16, 2017