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Private Sector and Foundations

The Global Partnership is one of Educate a Child's strategic partners and working with the Global Partnership for Education has demonstrated the power of partnership.
Mary Joy Pigozzi
Mary Joy Pigozzi
Director, Educate a Child
Private sector, think tanks and foundations partners provide strategic, technical and fundraising advice to help the partnership expand its activities and explore innovative opportunities to achieve education results.

Private sector corporations and private foundations are the newest members represented on the Global Partnership Board of Directors. Their commitment to advance our objectives include working with communities to advocate for education rights, monitoring education sector reform, and increasing awareness of gender equality issues or child labor. They participate with other GPE partners in the elaboration of education strategies in developing country partners and help develop policies to overcome the worst barriers to quality education.

At the GPE Pledging Conference in November 2011, private sector and foundations partners collectively pledged to commit $687 million through their own education initiatives to improve gender equality, learning outcomes, and access to education for children in fragile states.

One of the 19 seats on the Board of Directors is reserved for a representative from the private sector.