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Key Results

Since 2002, GPE partners have achieved remarkable results and helped millions more children enroll in school for a quality education. Here are our most important results.
64 million
more children
were in primary school in 2014
in GPE partner countries
compared to 2002
primary completion rate
in GPE partner countries in 2014
compared to 63% in 2002
of girls
in GPE partner countries
finished primary school in 2014
compared to 56% in 2002
US$4.6 billion
in grants
have been allocated
to education by GPE
since 2003
24 million
more children
enrolled in lower-secondary school
of which 13 million are girls
in 2014 compared to 2002
GPE partner countries
have achieved gender parity
in primary school completion
or have more girls than boys
completing primary school
14 million
fewer primary-aged children
were out of school in 2014
across all GPE partner countries
compared to 2002
US$2 billion
in GPE grants
allocated to fragile and
partner countries
94 girls
for every 100 boys
completed primary school
in 2016
compared to 83 girls in 2002
youth literacy rate
in GPE partner countries
in 2008-2014
compared to 71% in 2000-05
of primary teachers
received pre- or in-service training
in GPE partner developing countries in 2014