In 2011, 57 million primary-school aged children were out of school in developing countries, and millions more are shut of secondary school.

A good quality education for all children, everywhere, so they fulfill their potential and contribute to their societies


To galvanize and coordinate a global effort to deliver a good quality education to all girls and boys, prioritizing the poorest and most vulnerable


The Global Partnership for Education is the only multilateral partnership devoted to getting all these children into school for a quality education.

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Established in 2002, the Global Partnership for Education is comprised of close to 60 developing countries, donor governments, international organizations, the private sector, teachers, and civil society/NGO groups.

Our partnership has fundamentally transformed international cooperation in education.

We help our developing country partners develop and implement sound education plans. Members of the Partnership mobilize and coordinate resources to support the achievement of the plans' goals to enroll more children in school for a better education.

By promoting dialogue among our partners around shared objectives, we foster mutual accountability, increase our shared knowledge about best practices, and encourage transparency at all levels. Our support strengthens the growth of the entire education system in developing countries while ensuring that external education funding is tracked and coordinated.

Our Objectives

  1. Support education in fragile and conflict-affected states
  2. Promote girls' education
  3. Increase basic numeracy and literacy skills in primary school
  4. Improve teacher effectiveness through training and recruitment
  5. Expand funding and support to education in GPE countries

Support We Offer

Knowing how to read brings happiness. This photo shows the classroom where I learned to read and write as a child in Messad, Algeria. The blackboard in front of me was full of letters that changed my view of the world. The day I was able to read my first words, I started to discover the secrets of life. When I was able to understand entire sentences, I thought that the universe was made of the pages of a book. Like these children, knowing how to read etched a smile on my heart and made me happy. Credit: Mimouna Ali, Algeria
  • Development of education strategies and programs
  • Promotion of collaboration in the education sector by providing developing countries unique expertise and guidance to achieve their education goals
  • Sharing innovative solutions for education
  • Providing a unique platform among our education network to share knowledge on education policy and practice and achieve education results
  • Financing the development and implementation of sound education sector plans
  • Monitoring education results
  • Producing relevant data with solid indicators to assess education progress

Our Key Benefits

  • GPE is not just about financing: it helps donors and developing country partners work together to ensure that education aid is better coordinated and more effective, based on countries' own education strategies.
  • GPE's endorsement signals to current and new donors that a country's education sector plan is a good investment.
  • Donor partners can leverage additional funding from GPE and other partners for countries lacking sufficient support.