Building an effective partnership

The GPE Board has undertaken activities to increase the effectiveness of the partnership in partner countries and ensure all key actors understand their role and perform it effectively.

During its December 2016 meeting, the Board of Directors decided to expand its discussion on the GPE Secretariat’s capacity and efficiency to other key actors involved in delivering GPE’s operational model.

The Board requested the Secretariat, with the help of an external firm, to examine how key actors of the partnership such as grant agents, coordinating agencies, and local education groups, can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible to deliver GPE 2020.

Oxford Policy Management (OPM) and Dalberg conducted a review of the partnership effectiveness and efficiency at country level. Their report was presented to the Board in June 2018.

Based on the report’s recommendations and following further discussions, the Board requested the Grant and Performance Committee (GPC) to develop a costed action plan to address key areas where the GPE operational model needs further clarification and strengthening.

The GPC developed a draft Effective Partnership Review Action Plan, that identifies three workstreams:

  • Workstream 1: Clarifying roles, responsibilities, authorities, accountabilities, resourcing and risk at country level
  • Workstream 2: Partnership engagement strategy
  • Workstream 3: Actions to be carried out following the Workstream 1 decisions

To execute the tasks outlined in Workstream 1, IOD PARC will draw on OPM’s report to frame the key issues that need to be addressed in the development of options for roles, responsibilities, authorities, accountabilities, resourcing and risk at country level.


With GPC oversight, IOD PARC will work to deliver a set of activities between August and December 2018, with various phases including inception, consultations with key partners, development of options, and presentation to the Board of Directors at its December 2018 meeting.