Donors provide financial and technical assistance to help partner developing countries as they design and implement their education strategies.

In GPE developing partner countries, donors provide technical expertise to national governments and play a pivotal role in the coordination of local partners, as well as in the elaboration and monitoring of education strategies and programs.

Donors contribute funding to education on a bilateral basis and through the GPE Fund, and may act as grant agents for GPE grants.

Donor partners

Cumulative contributions

Cumulative contributions to the GPE Fund by donor (%). 2003 to December 2017

The following donors contribute less than 2%:

Ireland 1.71%
Belgium 1.69%
Germany 1.55%
Switzerland 1.08%
Italy 0.96%
Japan 0.50%
Russia 0.31%
Finland 0.15%
Luxembourg 0.15%
Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) 0.12%
Republic of Korea 0.06%
Dubai Cares 0.02%
Stichting Benevolentia 0.02%
Romania 0.01%
Open Society Foundation 0.01%
Rockefeller Foundation 0.01%
Source: Global Partnership for Education
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Note: the percentages in this graph show donor contributions signed into agreement and received. Pledges not yet signed into an agreement are not included.