International organizations

International organizations play a pivotal role in implementing education programs and supervising grants agreements and the disbursement of funds.

International organizations (also called multilateral agencies) provide an unparalleled source of knowledge and expertise to help the Global Partnership achieve its education objectives and monitor its impact. In GPE developing country partners, they engage with all education actors and help build consensus in the development and implementation of education strategies.

International organizations also play a key role in supervising activities funded by GPE grants.

These organizations have three seats on the GPE Board of Directors: one for UNESCO, one for UNICEF, and a third for other multilateral and regional banks, currently occupied by the World Bank.

Global Education First Initiative

Launched in 2012 by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) aims to raise the political profile of education, strengthen the global movement to achieve quality education, and generate additional and sufficient funding through sustained advocacy efforts.

The Global Partnership fully supports the Global Education First Initiative as the two organizations share common goals. The GPE CEO sits on the Initiative's High Level Steering Committee. GPE issued this commitment to express its support to the Initiative's goals.

Key multilateral partners