GPE 2020 is the GPE’s strategic plan covering the years 2016-2020, which aligns the partnership’s vision and mission to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. In doing so, it recognizes the essential role that education plays in achieving all other Global Goals.

The plan includes 3 goals and 5 objectives that the partnership will pursue over the 5-year period. They outline what must be done to support stronger education systems and ensure that inclusive and quality education for all. 

These goals and objectives are hard-wired to the results framework, which is the main tool to track progress and hold all members of the partnership to account.

Our Vision

Our vision is the UN Global Goal for education: To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Our Mission

To mobilize global and national efforts to contribute to the achievement of equitable, quality education and learning for all, through inclusive partnership, a focus on effective and efficient education systems and increased financing.


GPE is committed to upholding the following principles in all aspects of our work:

  • Education as a public good, a human right and an enabler of other rights.
  • Focusing our resources on securing learning, equity, and inclusion for the most marginalized children and youth, including those affected by fragility and conflict.
  • Achieving gender equality.
  • Enabling inclusive, evidence-based policy dialogue that engages national governments, donors, civil society, teachers, philanthropy and the private sector.
  • Providing support that promotes country ownership and nationally identified priorities, and is linked to country performance in achieving improved equity and learning.
  • Improving development effectiveness through harmonization and aligning aid to country systems.
  • Promoting mutual accountability and transparency across the partnership.
  • Acting on our belief that inclusive partnership is the most effective means of achieving development results.


Goal 1

Improved and more equitable student learning outcomes through quality teaching and learning


  • Improved learning outcomes at primary level
  • More children under 5 years developmentally on track in health, learning and psychosocial wellbeing

Goal 2

Increased equity, gender equality and inclusion for all in a full cycle of quality education, targeting the poorest and most marginalized, including by gender, disability, ethnicity and conflict or fragility


  • Increased number of children in school supported by GPE
  • Improved primary and lower secondary completion rates, total and by gender
  • Increased pre-primary enrollment
  • Reduced out-of-school rates, total and by gender
  • Improved equity in lower secondary completion rates (gender, geography and wealth)

Goal 3

Effective and efficient education systems delivering equitable, quality educational services for all


  • Increased public expenditure on education
  • Equitable allocation of teachers
  • Improved ratios of pupils to trained teachers
  • Reduced student dropout and repetition rates
  • Improved data reporting
  • Improved learning assessment systems


Country level objectives

Objective 1

Strengthen education sector planning and policy implementation


  • Improved education sector plans meeting quality standards, including in countries affected by fragility and conflict
  • Education sector plans contain strategies on teaching and learning, marginalized groups and efficiency
  • National data collection strategies meet quality standards

Objective 2

Support mutual accountability through effective and inclusive sector policy dialogue and monitoring


  • Improved joint sector reviews meet quality standards
  • Local education groups include teacher and civil society representation

Objective 3

GPE financing efficiently and effectively supports the implementation of sector plans focused on improved equity, efficiency and learning


  • Grants support achievement of targets for equity, efficiency and learning
  • Grants support improved information management and learning assessment systems
  • Textbooks purchased, teachers trained and classrooms built or rehabilitated, as planned
  • Grant implementation on track

Global level objectives

Objective 4

Mobilize more and better financing


  • Increased donor contributions to GPE
  • Increased number of donors, including from non-traditional sources
  • GPE grants align to national systems and use pooled funding mechanisms
  • Policy dialogue to increase domestic financing

Objective 5

Build a stronger partnership


  • Strengthened clarity of partners’ roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in country processes
  • Knowledge and good practice exchange to improve education policy
  • Expanded advocacy with partners to strengthen global commitment to education
  • Improved country support and grant oversight from the Secretariat
  • Results reports, evaluations and reviews published