Youth and Education

What better advocates for education than young people?

Around the world, young men and women are standing up for the right of all children to have access to a good quality education. In their communities and countries, young people are demanding better education services, more training for teachers, and more accountability from elected leaders through targeted advocacy and monitoring.

Youth advocates for education are organized locally, nationally and globally. There are youth advisors to education ministries, regional youth councils and global advocacy networks to name a few. Through these coalitions, young people are making their voices heard and playing a key role in shaping and influencing education policies.

Youth advocates are working to ensure that all children and youth have access to a high quality education that prepares them to lead healthy and productive lives and contribute to their communities and countries.


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Youth and GPE

  • The Global Partnership for Education engages with youth advocates through its advocacy team.
  • Youth organizations are active participants in national and regional civil society education coalitions. They are represented on the GPE Board of Directors through the CSO seats.
  • 29 young people from 19 countries participated in GPE’s Replenishment Pledging Conference in Brussels in June 2014. For the current GPE replenishment campaign, youth advocates are actively engaged on the issue of education financing.​ 
  • For the 2018-2020 replenishment campaign, GPE has set up a group of youth advocates from a range of partner countries. They bring experience and knowledge of their local contexts, as well as experience in working on education issues at national, regional, and global levels.
  • The objectives of youth advocates are to:
    • Contribute to advocacy and strategic communications that advance the goals and objectives of GPE 2020 and to mobilize young people around the world to engage in advocacy on education.
    • Advise the GPE Secretariat on how to champion the voice of youth in its youth advocacy and engagement efforts.
    • Support CSO led efforts to build and integrate youth representation within the CSO constituency.
    • Identify advocacy opportunities and spaces (including public policy platforms) for GPE to engage young people, and to lend their voice to these spaces in support of GPE.
    • Work with GPE to increase global and national financing for education.
    • Engage in outreach to other youth advocates and youth networks and support GPE to build its youth network, and its dialogue with other CSOs.

To learn more about youth activities and engagement, please contact Victoria Egbetayo.

Youth advocates

Salimatou Fatty
Leroy Phillips
Mahmoud Khalil
Megha Kashyap
Edith Esinam Asamani
Jose Mateo Dela Cruz
Aline Nizigama

What can young people do to support education for all children?