Puntland: a role model for other regions emerging from conflict

Despite facing long years of civil war and unrest, Puntland has made great progress in ensuring children can go to school and learn. This has resulted in the region becoming a role model for other countries emerging from conflict.

March 29, 2018 by GPE Secretariat
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A school boy writes on the blackboard in a school in Somalia. Credit: UNICEF/Hana Yoshimoto
A school boy writes on the blackboard in a school in Somalia.
UNICEF/Hana Yoshimoto

Having endured long years of civil war and unrest, Somalia faces extreme poverty, high rates of displacement, and a devastated education system. For over two decades, schools were destroyed or unsafe, institutional structures were dismantled, and teachers and students were forced to flee.

The path towards a stronger education system

Recognizing the fundamental role education plays in development and growth, Puntland, a semi-autonomous region of Somalia, has taken important steps to transform its education system, leading to notable progress in the past few years.

According to the 2015-2016 education statistics yearbook, the primary gross enrollment rate increased from 41% in 2011/12 to 58% in 2015/16.

In addition, the percentage of certified teachers increased from 27% to 52% and drop-out rates are also remarkably lower, decreasing from 16% in 2014/15 to 9.4% in 2015/16.

Gaps persist in learning outcomes and gender parity but the positive trends demonstrate that the government’s efforts towards expanding access to quality education are fruitful.

Puntland’s 2017-2021 education sector plan reaffirms the government’s commitment to strengthening the education system. Capturing the voices of local stakeholders and showing signs of local ownership, the plan presents a roadmap to improve access and equity; quality and learning outcomes; and efficiency.

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GPE’s support means more children will go to school

Commonly referred as a role model for other countries and regions emerging from conflict, Puntland has attracted international organizations and the donor community to partake in the ministry of education’s efforts to improve the education system.

In late 2017, GPE allocated a US$5.6 million grant to Puntland for 2017-2020. The grant focuses on strengthening the ministry of education’s capacity, improving the quality of teaching and learning through teacher training, producing learning materials, and providing scholarships to reduce financial barriers to access education.

A previous grant of US$2.1 million for 2013-2016 had already helped Puntland make good progress, by providing monthly incentive payments for almost 900 teachers, and training 51 female teachers in ICT, multi-grade teaching, early childhood education, special needs and inclusive education. Also, a tool was developed to monitor teachers who received performance feedback and guidance for improvements.

GPE looks forward to continuing to work with Puntland’s ministry of education and partners to support their efforts to ensure thousands of children can go to school, stay in school, and learn.

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Its Important report, and I am glad to read it and know a lot of Puntland Education.

Welldone Global partners and Puntland state of somalia

Great news

I am highly obliged to be one of the Ministers of Education in Puntland State of Somalia for 2014/2015 and during that time, I attended GPE conference in Brussels. Although I was trained as Certified Accountant, I have never been more satisfied in life due to the fact that I was working with youth in an area close to my heart: education. I am very grateful for the support we received from GPE which really made a big difference in Puntland.

An informative report that shows Puntland education sector progress.

GPE contributions is very vital for the progress by Puntland education over the last few years.

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