Uganda wants to reach all out-of-school children

Kevin Balaba, Assistant Commissioner in Uganda's Ministry of Education, explains that teacher and school effectiveness are key components in GPE-supported program in Uganda

November 11, 2015 by GPE Secretariat
2 minutes read
Kevin Balaba, Assistant Commissioner in Uganda's Ministry of Education

Uganda is experiencing rapid population growth (+59% in the last 15 years), resulting in increasing numbers of children who need a place in school.  That’s one of the challenges that the government of Uganda is facing in the education sector.

Poverty is also a factor in keeping children from attending school, whether for cultural or traditional beliefs, or because the schools that are available are not considered “attractive” enough, and parents may not see the value in sending their children to a school where they may not learn much. According to UIS, 8% of Ugandan children do not attend school (2013).

The Uganda ministry of education, with its partners, is working hard to change perceptions among the population in order to ensure that all children attend school.

It is also in the early stages of implementing a program funded by a $100 million grant from the Global Partnership for Education. The program focuses on two key components of the education system: teachers and school effectiveness.

Watch the interview of Kevin Balaba, Assistant Commissioner in the ministry of education, who explains the program, as well as how Uganda benefited from the partnership approach that GPE promotes.

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