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Education in Burkina Faso is making important advances under difficult conditions. The increase in primary school enrollment—from 60% in the early 2000s to 88% today—is particularly significant. Yet, the country faces many pressing education challenges.
A new report by UNICEF highlights that at least 175 million of the pre-primary school-age children in the world are not enrolled in preschool. How can we address the challenges that prevent children from having access to early education?
Effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to students' learning. Are we supporting our teachers to be as good as they can?
Alice Albright and Minister Ulla Tornæs reflect on a joint visit.
A new program supported by GPE and partners aims to improve primary students' learning outcomes in math and science, especially in the low performing provinces.
PNG’s example demonstrates how the Multiplier mobilizes more funding, fosters partnerships, and reduces fragmentation—a more effective way to strengthen a country’s education system.
Convening under the theme “Education and Sustainability”, this year’s CIES Annual Conference will be held in San Francisco from April 14 to 18. In addition to participating in several panel discussions, GPE will also present its technical and country-level work.
At a meeting in South Africa last month, participants shared experiences and looked for cross-sector solutions to put an end to violence in and around schools.
Find out when education will be on the agenda during the week of meetings and events on global development in Washington DC.