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Across our partnership and the world, youth are working to make sure their voices are heard.
The Consortium for Pre-primary Data and Measurement in Africa is helping generate relevant and usable data to measure the quality of pre-primary education.
When Chalachew was born, he couldn’t have imagined the hardships that awaited him, nor could he have envisioned his power to defy odds and prove how far his desire to learn could take him.
KIX global grants will support projects that develop, test, and apply ways to scale proven innovations in areas that are core to improve the performance of education systems.
Stories allow us to explore human social and emotional life as we identify with characters’ desires, challenges, motives and feelings.
When Ethiopia joined GPE in 2004, less than 50% of the country’s children were enrolled in primary school, and those in school were not getting a quality education. GPE has been working closely with the Ethiopian government and development partners to strengthen the education system and improve children’s learning. Today, 85% of Ethiopia’s children are enrolled in primary school.
The Global Partnership for Education has been supporting Eritrea in expanding access to quality education in the country’s four most vulnerable regions. As a result, around 19,000 children—of whom 42 percent are girls—from nomadic and disadvantaged communities are now attending school.
Ethiopia’s joint sector review (JSR) meeting gathered some 70 participants to engage in an open dialogue and share experiences and lessons to inform future planning.
To become more competitive and follow the fast pace of technological innovation globally, developing economies need to re-skill their workforce with the skills for the jobs of the future. Where does Africa’s developing economies fit into this trajectory?