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November 10 marks World Science Day for Peace and Development.
The founder of the training and mentoring program “Stop becoming… JUST BE!” received an award at the AU Innovation Expo last year. Read how his program gives youth in Madagascar the tools they need to choose their own path and achieve their goals.
Learn more about the several exchanges and meetings which are taking place to identify common challenges and opportunities for civil society in achieving SDG 4.
Since early September, more than 3 million children have hardly been able to attend school in Haiti due to social unrest.
As part of GPE’s Assessment for Learning (A4L) initiative, the Analysis of National Learning Assessment Systems (ANLAS) is a resource for partner countries to build effective and sustainable learning assessment systems. ANLAS provides a toolkit for countries to systematically gather and analyze information about their national learning assessment systems with the aim to inform the development and...
Multilingual education can help children improve learning and life opportunities. What are some of the challenges of multilingualism and how can we overcome them?
We know how to educate girls. Do we know how to educate boys?
A new report by the Education Workforce Initiative proposes new approaches for harnessing the potential of teachers and the broader education workforce to ensure quality education for all students.
Millions of people with disabilities are invisible because of insufficient data. Today, two new data resources focused on people with disabilities have been launched to help analyze and make the best possible use of data on people who are missing out solely because of their disability.