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To become more competitive and follow the fast pace of technological innovation globally, developing economies need to re-skill their workforce with the skills for the jobs of the future. Where does Africa’s developing economies fit into this trajectory?
Alice Albright, CEO of the Global Partnership for Education, addressed key G7 forums and underscored the urgent role of education in realizing an equal and prosperous future for all.
Safe and equitable education, particularly for girls, is instrumental in reducing poverty, inequality and violence. #SafeToLearn calls on governments, civil society organizations, communities, teachers and children themselves to make schools safer for all children.
Every day, Habtam Asfaw walks to the Meskerem School in Bahar Dar, Ethiopia. She used to be afraid as boys and men harassed her along the way. Thanks to a training she attended at school, she now feels better prepared to respond to harassment. This is just one initiative that her school, with support from GPE along with other development partners, has launched to help girls stay in school.
Without a shift from ‘business as usual’, the world will miss its goal of a quality education for all by 2030, according to the first-ever projections on progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4). And for sub-Saharan Africa, the challenges are acute.
Five issues hamper the pace of improved education outcomes across the globe. Learn how KIX aims to respond to these challenges and strengthen education systems in 68 partner countries.
By the end of 2018, over 70 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, as well as human rights violations. Access to quality education is key to mitigate the effects of conflict.
38 organizations issue a collective call to fund education data that will allow the world to reach Sustainable Development Goal 4.
What about the rights of children who are deprived of education or are displaced by terrorism and violent extremism?