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We know that investing in girl’s education is both the morally right and smart thing to do. G7 countries must do more to ensure quality education for women and girls in developing countries.
Many countries have seen progress in gender equality and girls’ education, but challenges remain. View 6 graphs to understand the state of gender parity in access to education and learning outcomes, and the ongoing efforts within the partnership to improve gender equality.
GPE just released its annual results report, showing the progress of the partnership in implementing its 5-year strategy and the areas where more attention is needed.
At the 6th Global Campaign for Education (GCE) World Assembly in Kathmandu last November, youth delegates from all over the world shared their visions, dreams, strategies and forged friendships. From that moment on, it was clear that when youth meet, mountains can be moved.
June 20 is World Refugee Day. For the children who are trapped in the chaos of having to leave their homes and sometimes their families behind, being able to continue to receive an education is a normalizing factor. It can give them hope for a better future, and give them the skills they will need to build a better life for themselves and their future families.
Our indicators of success influence the nature of education programming. If we measure only basic literacy skills, we will deprive children of opportunities to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.
EduClick leverages the technology revolution to provide alternative learning methods to those who can’t access formal learning due to armed conflicts or poverty.
25 years after the Salamanca Statement, there are still too many children with disabilities who don’t go to school. One way to effectively remove a barrier to their schooling is through the transformative power of parents groups.
Social media highlights from the world's largest conference on the rights, health and wellbeing of women.