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How can religious and traditional leaders help unlock challenges and remove barriers to girls’ education?
Achieving gender equality in and through education is not just a question of increasing the amount of education available to girls and hoping it will redress social injustice. We need to initiate holistic reforms at a systems level that deliver deep institutional change to achieve SDG 4 for all.
A new report published by Save the Children shows that children living in the world’s toughest places wanted one thing above all else: the chance to learn.
Today, September 21, marks the celebration of the International Day of Peace.
During a visit to Bangladesh last week, GPE CEO Alice Albright met with government officials and development partners who, together, work hard to ensure that the Rohingya who fled Myanmar two years ago receive the support and services they need, including education, and that children in the surrounding communities in Cox’s Bazar also get the education support they need.
Many education-related events will take place during the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City next week. Here is a short list of the key ones.
As a member of GPE’s Education Data Solutions Roundtable, Tableau can collaborate with and offer valuable support to make education data more useful and actionable in GPE partner developing countries.
Funded by GPE and the UNESCO Capacity Development for Education Program, STEPCam aims to improve early grade learning through four interventions.
The Knowledge and Innovation Exchange discussion paper "Improving Teaching and Learning", highlights challenges and opportunities in this area. Learn what the six areas of potential investments are.