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The national examination season is a critical time for the Cambodian education system, but there are still thousands of children across the country who are not enrolled in school.
Investing in education improves the quality of life for mothers and children, especially those who are marginalized or impoverished.
Today, the EFA-FTI officially became the Global Partnership for Education with an announcement at the UN General Assembly in New York.
Aid to basic education in developing countries is stagnating, and even declining. Without funding, there will be a significant and possibly disastrous reduction in quality basic education worldwide.
Although children in developing countries are going to school in unprecedented numbers, the quality of education has dropped.
Commonalities in human cognition can help make the education of the poor in low-income countries more efficient.
Deworming can prevent debilitating illness and keep children in school.
Education is a vital building block for the future of South Sudan.
Disabled students are often marginalized and impoverished but education has an enormous positive effect on disabled citizens and their communities.