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An overview of the most important events during the 2019 Global Action Week for Education.
Strong citizen engagement and social accountability can help improve development outcomes. View how two school communities in Uganda went beyond monitoring the GPE-funded program, and mobilized their own resources to cover infrastructure gaps.
With support from the Global Partnership for Education, the government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is helping all children acquire strong reading skills, which will help them increase their chances of academic success and lifelong learning.
A good example of how technology and innovation can help improve education.
Against the backdrop of progress in the Eritrean-Ethiopian peace process, nine members of the German Bundestag (parliament), with all parliamentary groups represented, traveled to the region in March. In Eritrea the members of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development visited a school and learned about the work of GPE.
A tech startup in Zimbabwe creates virtual reality field trips for students who otherwise wouldn’t have opportunities to get out of their classrooms.
A young woman passionate about education pleads for African countries to ensure that the right to education for displaced girls is upheld by adding her voice during an NGO forum in Sharm El Sheikh last month.
During this year’s Global Action Week for Education, civil society groups around the Middle East and North Africa led many different activities to promote the right to education, in particular for populations affected by conflict and crises.
Your weekly Buzz blog is back! It has been a important week for education advocates thanks to the Global Action Week for Education, which called on partners to work together to end the global education crisis. The “My Education, My rights” theme explored the right to education through personal stories from around the world. The initiative gained a lot of attention in the virtual sphere. Subscribe...