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Being selected as a peace ambassador to attend the One Young World Summit last month was a dream come true for Salimatou, a GPE youth advocate who has dedicated her life to the cause of education for all.
Today and every day, we must recognize the impact of violence on girls’ education and make sure that every government can protect and promote girls’ rights to an education, free from the threat of violence.
GPE’s Board Chair was included in this year’s list of 100 most influential and inspirational women by BBC News.
Seven African countries gathered with development partners in Rwanda to share experiences and form partnerships allowing them to address effectively the education needs of refugee children.
For Universal Children’s Day, we review a few examples on how GPE partner countries work every day to further the right to education so that children, no matter their circumstances, can thrive.
Over half of primary schools in developing countries don't have access to water and sanitation facilities. Today for World Toilet Day, we explore how increased access to education is closely linked with the availability of decent toilets.
The Technical Cooperation Group on SDG 4 meets this week in Mexico City to come to agreement on the most practical approaches to measure education progress.
Meet Regine, a parent peer educator in Burundi, whose job is to raise awareness among parents of children with disabilities about their right to education.