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Millions of dollars are invested in strengthening education management information systems, but many countries still struggle with data-related issues. How can countries make their systems more effective? An EMIS diagnostic is the first step.
Youth advocate Jose Mateo Dela Cruz shares 5 lessons from his journey to make education for all children a reality
In their own words, children in Niger share their thoughts about learning math.
From November 13 to 18, education civil society leaders met in Kathmandu, Nepal, for a series of exceptional events - six days full of discussions, exchange of ideas and sharing of experience.
On the first International Day of Education, let’s review the key role that education plays in promoting peace, development and growth, and examine the elements that make up a great education.
On January 24 we celebrate the very first International Education Day.
Around 80% of countries assess learning. However, because they are based on different methodologies the results cannot be compared internationally. A new initiative by UIS could help solve this challenge.
The first report of the Platform for Girls’ Education is launched today, analyzing barriers to girls’ education and what works to dismantle them.
Members of the Education Data Solutions Roundtable are meeting with partners to better understand their approach to data collection, dissemination and use.