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At the first ever Global Partnership for Education Pledging Conference, representatives from across the globe committed to education reform.
Dropping out of school prevents children from achieving their full potential, endangers their health and has negative effects on their community and their country.
Textbooks make the learning process significantly easier for both teachers and students, but textbooks are conspicuously absent from many schools in our partner countries.
The education sector must challenge itself to excel at advocacy and lobbying and must engage with other sectors instead of only communicating with itself.
The quantity vs. quality debate challenges educational professionals to explore what is the best strategy for educational development.
There is a troubling trend emerging in bilateral donor financing--donors are not coordinating successfully.
Children in conflict-afflicted states are in constant danger of being abducted and recruited as child soldiers. When children are in school, they are kept relatively safe and the chances of further conflict are reduced.
Books are a key tool in the classroom and when they go missing, larger problems build within schools.
The Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children is working to ensure that all children have access to and are participating in quality universal education.