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Disabilities can keep children out of classrooms and interfere with them succeeding throughout their lives. Children with disabilities must be given access to good quality education so they can thrive.
When countries include the poorest sectors of their communities, they are creating a prosperous future for their students and their economies.
At the EFA FTI Board of Directors meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, participants witness the success of EFA education on the ground and plan reforms for the future.
The education sector in Rwanda has changed dramatically over the past two decades, and today we share a message of hope from the community.
There are still 67 million children in the world who do not attend school, and even those who have made it to the classroom are not guaranteed a good quality education.
More than half of the world's out-of-school children are girls. Girls are marginalized and excluded from both primary and higher education.
We must strive to keep children in school and ensure that they are safe while they learn. Attacks against school are a disturbing, and growing, trend.
At the first ever Global Partnership for Education Pledging Conference, representatives from across the globe committed to education reform.
Dropping out of school prevents children from achieving their full potential, endangers their health and has negative effects on their community and their country.