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In focus: Girls' education and gender equality
As a member of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council, GPE CEO Alice Albright will work alongside Nobel peace prize winners, global influencers, activists, diplomats, private sector and youth representatives to help prioritize girls' education and empower the next generation.
In focus: Girls' education and gender equality
UNGEI and GPE, with other partners, are helping developing countries identify gender barriers within their education systems and put in place strategies and policies to address them through their education sector plans.
In focus: Girls' education and gender equality
Today we celebrate and recognize all women for their achievements without regard to divisions, and review why investing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics must go hand in hand with addressing the gender equality gap. Happy International Women’s Day!
In focus: Girls' education and gender equality
To get more accurate and usable information on the multiple barriers that girls face in education, several projects are under way to measure discriminatory practices and norms and use that information to build education systems that don't hold any children back.
From Burkina Faso to Tajikistan, from Niger to Uganda, partners from ministries of education, grant agents, coordinating agencies and civil society give their views on the value that GPE brings to their countries and work.
The first synthesis report of GPE’s country-level evaluations looks at some of the challenges that countries face and provides an opportunity for all GPE partners to see what works and what needs to be refined.
A new report synthesizes findings from various country evaluations and provides a useful overview of how the GPE model works in partner countries.
The International Mother Language Day, celebrated each year on 21 February, is an opportunity to promote linguistic and cultural diversity as well as multilingualism. What actions are planned to promote literacy and national languages in Africa? The ADEA Inter-Country Quality Node on Literacy and National Languages (ICQN-LNL) provides an overview of the situation.