Results reports

Results Report 2019

The report shows that the partnership continues to make important progress toward improving learning for all children: more children are entering and completing school across partner countries, and there is encouraging progress on learning.

Results Report 2018

At the midpoint of its 2016-2020 strategy, GPE met 22 of the 28 targets set for 2017, demonstrating the partnership’s overall progress toward its goals.

Results Report 2015 / 2016

The Results Report 2015/2016 highlights progress made during 2016, the first year of implementation of GPE's Results Framework. Overall, GPE achieved 16 out of 19 milestones set for 2016.

Interim Results Report (Fiscal Year 2015)

The report presents a synthesis of achievements against expected targets, and captures trends at the impact and outcome levels, where GPE aims to contribute to stronger learning outcomes and improved equity for all.

Results for Learning Report 2014/2015

The report cautions that if progress and investments are not maintained, the hard-won achievements could be reversed. Particularly, basic education is losing priority, with the share of budgets spent on primary education falling gradually.

Results for Learning Report 2013

This report illustrates the focus on results that the Global Partnership values and shows that we are not on target to reach universal primary education by 2015.

Results for Learning Report 2012

The Results for Learning Report is part of the GPE's monitoring and evaluation strategy to measure the progress made in helping developing nations implement their own education sector plans.