Education Data Solutions Roundtable

In February 2018, GPE launched the Education Data Solutions Roundtable to leverage partners’ expertise and improve the availability and use of accurate and timely education data.

Quality education data is essential to inform planning and policy decisions by governments. Without data, it is impossible to build effective, resilient and accountable education systems. Equally, aggregated data is critical to monitor progress towards SDG 4.

However, most developing countries lack education information systems and the tools to communicate the data needed by governments and partners to target their resources where the need is greatest.

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The Education Data Solutions Roundtable is focused on answering three questions:

  • What additional support do developing countries need to improve their data systems and ensure a more effective use of data?
  • How can public and private partners work together to identify innovative solutions to enhance the use of data at country and global levels?
  • What new global investments can be made to improve the collection and use of data?

In response to the bottlenecks identified by countries, partners identified three critical areas impacting data systems where the expertise of the full range of partners can be leveraged for:

  • Better tools for education information management
  • Better data communication and visualization tools
  • Integration of data across different systems to produce holistic school-level information.


Members of the roundtable include senior representatives from:

  • developing country governments: The roundtable draws on insights and expertise from a large set of partner countries including participation from Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Liberia and Nepal
  • the business community: HP Inc., Econet, Tableau, MasterCard, Microsoft, Ecobank
  • business foundations: Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation
  • multilateral organizations and regional networks: ADEA, AU, OECD, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNESCO and its institutes, including UIS and IIEP, World Bank
  • donors: AFD, DFID and NORAD
  • civil society: Education International, ONE Campaign, PAL network.  


The following commitment was made in New York on September 27, 2018 by representatives from Mastercard, Econet, Tableau, HP Inc., Intel and Microsoft. They pledged to:

provide expertise and dedicated in-kind support to develop specifications for sustainable education data systems, design of tools for communication, data visualization and integration of data systems, depending on each company’s particular interests, by April 2019. Together with country partners, government donors and multilateral agencies, corporate partners will lend their effort and know-how to help develop solutions to global and national level education data challenges.


  • February 2018: launch of the roundtable on the margins of GPE Financing Conference.
  • April 2018: Second meeting of the roundtable hosted by UNESCO in Paris
  • September 2018: Third meeting of the roundtable in New York
  • January – February 2019: Visits to Ethiopia and The Gambia
  • April 2019: Final meeting and presentation of proposed solutions in Washington, DC
  • September 2019: Side event at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, NY

For more information on the Roundtable's activities, please contact: Margaret Irving or Anna Thompson Quaye


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