Education challenges

Much progress has been made, but many challenges remain to ensure all children can go to school and learn. Below is an overview of some of these challenges.
262 million
children and youth
were out of school
for the school year ending
in 2017
Only 2.7%
of humanitarian aid
was invested in education
in 2016
75 million
children aged 3 to 18
live in countries
facing war and violence
and need educational support
US$39 billion
annual financing gap to achieve quality pre-primary, primary and secondary education for all in low
and lower middle income
countries by 2030
131 million
young and
adolescents girls
worldwide are
out of school (2015)
Refugees are
five times less likely
to attend school
than other children
69 million
school teachers
are required to provide
every child with primary and secondary
education by 2030
4 out of 10
out-of-school children
will never enter a
274 million
primary school children worldwide
are not learning
basic foundational skills
necessary to lead productive and healthy lives
In low and lower-middle income countries,
around 40% of children with disabilities are out of school at primary level
and 55% at lower secondary level
1 in 4
young people
in low and lower-middle income countries
is illiterate
of out-of-school
of primary school age
live in sub-Saharan