Board Meeting - Washington DC, December 2014

At its meeting in Washington, DC on December 15 and 16, 2014, the Board of Directors discussed the following:

  • Report from the Chief Executive Officer
  • Report from the Governance, Ethics, Risk and Finance Committee, including
    • Maximum country allocations for the second round of 2015 and the first round of 2016
    • Financial considerations for the partnership
    • Expansion of supervising and managing entity eligibility
    • Risk management matrix and policy
  • Report from the Strategy and Policy Committee, including
    • Civil Society Education Fund
  • Report from the Country Grants and Performance Committee, including
    • Program implementation grants allocations
    • 2014 portfolio review recommendations
    • Committee oversight of GPE grant portfolio
  • 2014 Portfolio review
  • Trustee Budget.
Board Meetings