Developing country partners meeting. May 2019

Constituents and GPE staff members at the Developing Country Partners Meeting in Paris.  Credit: GPE/ Marcellus Albertin

The constituency meetings aim to improve consultations, communication, and coordination within and between partner developing countries (grouped into regional groups, referred to as constituencies) in order to enable the presentation of a more inclusive position at GPE Board meetings.

The meetings thereby improve partner countries’ engagement with GPE governance processes. It is also an important way to enhance the work of the partnership as a whole, including knowledge exchange and peer-peer learning.

At this meeting in Nepal, partner countries will cover:

  • upcoming key topics for the upcoming Board meeting in June, including the effective partnership review, results report, risk management, and the private sector strategy
  • strengthened communication with the GPE Secretariat and gain a better understanding of GPE processes and strategies
  • peer-to-peer learning, experience sharing, and better understanding of country context


South Asia: Nepal