GPE webinar series: Results report 2015/2016

GPE webinar series: Results report 2015/2016 - More children in school and learning in GPE partner countries

This webinar will help inform a global audience on the results and performance of the Global Partnership for Education over 2015/2016. 

The results report 2015/2016 reports on the baseline data and highlights the progress made during the first year of GPE 2020 as per the Results Framework indicators. The report informs that more children in GPE partner countries are in school and completing school, particularly girls and children living in fragile and conflict-affected context, and there are more trained teachers per learners.


Karen Mundy, Chief Technical Officer, Global Partnership for Education


Moritz Bilagher, Monitoring and Evaluation Lead, Global Partnership for Education 


Sally Gear, Senior Education Advisor, Department for International Development (DfID), Chair of GPE Grants and Performance Committee and DfID GPE Board representative;

Randa Grob, Global Head of Education, Porticus, Chair of GPE Strategy and Impact Committee and Private Foundations GPE Board representative.