Webinar: Let's talk about education finance

A girl raises her had in class. Madagascar. Credit: GPE/Carine Durand

This webinar “Let’s talk education finance: A new guide for monitoring education budgets” presents the new Guidelines for the Monitoring of National Education Budgets, developed in response to education stakeholders’ need for technical resources to facilitate their engagement in discussions on education financing.


  • Raphaelle Martinez, Team Lead for Education Policy and Learning, GPE


  • Margaret Irving, Thematic Lead for Education Financing and Data Systems, GPE
  • Samer Al-Samarrai, Senior Economist, World Bank
  • Vernor Muñoz, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Global Campaign for Education (GCE)
  • Maryline Mangenot, Head of Campaigns and Communications, Global Campaign for Education (GCE)


Watch the webinar recording

Access the presentations made during the webinar and a summary note