Developing country partners regional meeting. October 2019
Meeting of developing country partners. Nepal/Credit: GPE

The constituency meetings aim to improve consultations, communication, and coordination within and between partner developing countries (grouped into regional groups, referred to as constituencies) in order to enable the presentation of a more inclusive position at GPE Board meetings.

The meetings thereby improve partner countries’ engagement with GPE governance processes. They are also an important way to enhance the work of the partnership as a whole, including knowledge exchange and peer-peer learning.

This regional constituency meeting will take place in Uzbekistan and gather representatives of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. It will include sessions on:

  • sector challenges and strengths in planning, implementation and monitoring,
  • opportunities for the constituencies to develop common positions on the GPE governance issues that will be discussed during the October committee meetings.
Meeting of developing country partners. Nepal/Credit: GPE
Europe and Central Asia