Live Twitter chat: Closing the digital divide to build back equal for girls
Twitter Chat - Nov 20

Despite efforts to reach girls through remote learning, including digitally, COVID has highlighted the massive digital gender divide. Even before the global pandemic hit, only 17.8% of households in Africa had internet access at home and the continent accounts for only 21% of worldwide internet users. Approximately 82% of African students do not have internet access, and girls and women face gender-based barriers that keep them from accessing technology at the same rate as boys and men. The gender digital divide is largest in Africa, with 33.8% internet penetration rate for men and only 22.6% for women in 2019. The gender gap in digital skills for adolescents persists even among households with computers.

On UN Day on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), November 20, GPE will host a Twitter Chat with the CEOs from FAWE and GNB and youth activists on Closing the Digital Divide to Build Back Equal for Girls. The chat is part of FAWE’s 2nd International Conference on Girls’ Education in Africa, which will focus on girls’ and women’s participation in STEM and education policies to enhance girl’s uptake of STEM through the theme Towards Effective Approaches for Girl’s Engagement and Excellence: Preparing Girls for 21st Century Skills.


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  • Friday, November 20; 09:00 DC / 14:00 London / 17:00 Nairobi
  • @GPforEducation
Twitter Chat - Nov 20
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