Webinar: Adolescent girls’ education in the Generation Equality Forum - Day 2
Credit: Generation Equality Forum

UN Women, France and Ireland are organizing a series of dialogues on Feb 11 and 16 under the theme “Evidence and experience: Adolescent Girls’ Education in the Generation Equality Forum.” 

Organized in partnership with UNESCO, Plan International, GPE, and the Malala Fund, the events bring together Action Coalition leaders, policy makers, civil society representatives and youth leaders and activists from around the world to highlight the role of education as a catalyst for gender equality, and a cross-cutting strategy to achieve the goals of the Generation Equality Forum Action Coalitions. 

Participants will highlight the main challenges and actions needed to ensure that all adolescent girls have access to quality education in a protective, safe and secure environment. The discussions will highlight transformative actions that impact all adolescent girls and ensure that their rights are respected.

Day 2 dialogues will focus on:

  • Economic justice and rights
  • Gender-based violence (hosted by GPE)
  • Feminist action for climate justice

Fatu Sewanatu Mansaray, GPE youth leader from Sierra Leone, and Alice Albright, GPE CEO, will participate in the discussions.

Time: 8:00-9:30 EST / 14:00-15:30 CET


Credit: Generation Equality Forum
Event type: Webinars
Donors: France | Ireland