Webinar: Projection and simulation models in the education sector
Teachers write results on a blackboard. Kenya. Credit: GPE / Kelley Lynch

Since the 1980s, projection and simulation models have been progressively mainstreamed to help planners and decision-makers develop robust and costed plans for developing equitable education systems and accelerating learning progress.

Nowadays, most education sector plans (ESP) developed by ministries of education are based on a simulation model that informs policy dialogue by testing policy options and targets, projecting resource requirements, estimating the associated costs and devising financing needs. They eventually support the mobilization and allocation of financing resources – domestic and external – to the sector.

How (and for what purposes) do we run simulations as part of an ESP development process?

During the webinar, presenters:

  • Introduced and defined what a simulation model is, identified the principles behind simulations, and provided the context in which simulation models are developed
  • Discussed the key enabling factors for developing effective simulation models
  • Shared the experiences of developing models in three different contexts—the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Senegal.

This webinar was the first of a series of two and focused on the use of the simulation models to discuss successes and challenges in supporting resource mobilization and allocation to the sector.

Moderator: Raphaelle Martinez, Team Lead for Education Policy and Learning, GPE Secretariat


  • Blandine Ledoux, Lead of the cluster on Costs and Financing, Technical Assistance Team, IIEP-UNESCO
  • Satoko Yano, Program Specialist, UNESCO
  • Blaise Belesi, Head of the Planning and Research Division, Ministry of Higher Education, DR Congo
  • Jane Nakajubi, Acting Senior Economist, Education Planning and Policy Analysis Department, Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda
  • Cheikh Bamba Gueye, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Ministry of Education, Senegal

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Teachers write results on a blackboard. Kenya. Credit: GPE / Kelley Lynch
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