Focus areas

Shakuntala Badi is 13 years old and studies in Class 5B at Adarsha Saula Yubak Higher Secondary School, Bhainsipati. She is the only blind student in her class. Credit: GPE/NayanTara Gurung KakshapatiChildren with Disabilities

Education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of discrimination that children with disabilities experience. GPE promotes inclusive education to ensure all children can go to school.

Sukuru is longing to go back to school, which has been closed since the fighting began in mid-November. Here he is earlier this year flanked by two of his schoolmates in Mugunga III camp, DRC. Photo credit: UNHCR/Frederic NoyCountries Affected by Fragility and Conflict

35% of the out-of-school children worldwide of primary school age live in areas of conflict. Education can give them a visible sign of return to normalcy in these difficult contexts.

A boy attends primary school in Cameroon. Credit: GPE/Stephan BachenheimerDevelopment Effectiveness
GPE is strongly committed to the principles of development effectiveness adopted by the international community to achieve results in the education sector.
Children at the  Mahamasina preschool in Madagascar. Credit: UNICEF Madagascar/2014/RamasomananaEarly Childhood Care and Education

Investing in care and education for children in their early years improves their well-being and their chances to learn and escape poverty. GPE supports ECCE programs for the poorest children.

Class 3 students; Asfia Badr Basic School for Girls, Nile East Locality, Alfayhaa Administrative Unit, Al-Baraka District, near Khartoum, Sudan. Credit: GPE/ Kelley LynchGirls' Education

GPE encourages partner countries to help more girls enroll in school to receive a good quality education. Educated girls make good choices for themselves and their families.

Mariam Isah is 8 years old and attends second grade in Nigeria. Credit: GPE/Kelley LynchKnowledge and Innovation Exchange

GPE strengthens technical and institutional capacity of its partners to build effective and efficient education systems that deliver improved outcomes in learning, equity, gender equality and inclusion.

Muhammed Umaru, 15, gathers grass to sell at the IDP settlement in Nigeria. Credit: GPE/Kelley LynchOut-of-School Children

There are still too many children, most of them poor and marginalized, who don't have access to school. GPE aims to reduce the number of out-of-school children through targeted support in partner countries.

Students in the kindergarten class at Vincent Town Public School, Liberia, a school that receives the GPE school grant. Vincent Town, Bomi County, Liberia. Credit: GPE/Kelley LynchTeaching and Learning

Too many children attend several years of school without learning the basics. GPE works to improve their learning experience in particular in reading and math.