Mohammad Muntasim Tanvir
Global Partnership for Education Secretariat
Mohammad Muntasim  Tanvir

Tanvir joined the GPE Secretariat in 2017. He provides support for improved engagement of civil society organizations in education sector policy, monitoring and management processes, including in the areas of budget tracking/education financing, effective joint sector review processes, and independent monitoring and social accountability initiatives. He manages GPE’s Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF), which provides support to national education coalitions in 62 countries. He has 17 years of experience in working as a civil society policy advocate. He previously worked for ActionAid International, a global justice federation with presence in 45 countries, as education policy manager. He also worked as Policy Advocacy and Campaign Coordinator for ASPBAE (Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education), a membership-based network with more than 200 member organizations in 30 countries. Tanvir is from Bangladesh and holds two Masters degrees - in Development Studies and in Business Administration.