Charles Ofori Antipem
Co-founder , Dext Technology
Charles  Ofori Antipem

Charles Ofori Antipem is the co-founder of a hardware start-up called Dext Technology based in Kumasi, Ghana. At Dext Technology, Charles has spearheaded the design of the revolutionary science set, a product that has redefined practical science education by shrinking a science laboratory into size of a textbook and making it affordable enough for every student to have their own.

Before this, Charles worked on several groundbreaking projects including creating an affordable and highly effective smoke detector that used low power laser mesh to detect smoke. Charles was also responsible for creating a non-electric air conditioner for the first car to be fully assembled at Suame magazine in Kumasi. He pioneered the physics of fufu movement and in 2012 created the world first playbrary – combining a library with a playground to create a learning space children love to go to. Charles built an electric rocket using electromagnetic pulse propulsion and developed a system that used light to manipulate plant chemicals to affect their direction of growth all before completing high school.

His recent work on the science set has received awards from the Ghana Institution of Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Royal Academy of Engineering. In September 2018 the African Union selected the science set as the most innovative education solution in Africa.