Tajikistan: Investing in early education


In Tajikistan, like in other countries, preschool increases education system efficiency through improved readiness, achievement and retention. Since 2013, GPE has been working with the government of Tajikistan to increase access to quality early childhood education with the support from the World Bank, UNICEF and the Aga Khan Foundation.  

Along with new teaching and learning materials and training for school directors, early learning centers are being modernized and furnished with new tables, chairs and toys. The newly equipped classrooms give hope that young children will acquire skills before they reach first grade, not just recognizing letters, writing their names or counting to 30, but also socializing with peers and problem solving.

The results:

  • Over 18,000 children have benefited from improved conditions in 400-500 early learning centers and kindergartens
  • 1,100 preschool teachers have received training, mentoring and essential learning materials
  • Nearly 500 preschool directors have been trained on school management.

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