Commitment for Girl Summit, 2014


On July 22, 2014, the Girl Summit, hosted by the UK Government and UNICEF, is rallying a global movement to end child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation for all girls within a generation. 

The Global Partnership for Education continues to intensify its efforts together with all its partners to enable more girls to get the schooling they deserve, particularly a quality basic education. Along with our call to action to accelerate progress on girls' education, the Global Partnership for Education commits to:

  • Providing stronger incentives, through our new funding model, for countries to collect more and better data about girls’ access to education, safe and supportive learning environments, and their learning outcomes. The data should include reliable information about other factors – such as family income, geography, disability, language and more – that significantly affect whether girls get quality schooling. With that data, nations will be better equipped to identify where the needs are greatest and whether various policies and interventions are working.
  • Revising our education sector plan preparation and appraisal guidelines that help developing countries put in place policies that promote greater gender parity leading to gender equality. The Global Partnership is updating these guidelines in collaboration with UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning. The new funding model of the Global Partnership will also provide incentives for analyzing and promoting equity in education, including girls’ education.

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