Developing countries need more investment to end girls’ education crisis

|Source: CNN|
Education in Liberia. Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch

The ONE Campaign’s list of “Toughest Places for a Girl to Get an Education,” released on the eve of the International Day of the Girl, shows how urgently developing countries need financial investments to educate girls. Nine of the top 10 countries where girls fail to get life-changing, poverty-busting education are in Africa, and this is a global crisis that perpetuates poverty.

In addition to allocating 20% of their domestic budgets to education, as the Global Partnership for Education recommends, these countries will also need to implement policy reforms alongside the financing. In 2018, leaders will have the opportunity to choose to fully fund GPE and turn the corner on the girls’ education crisis. Despite increased focus on getting women into public and private sector leadership, advanced economies still have more to do to close gender gaps.

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