Education sector plan development grant for Togo. September 2018

A child in Togo. Credit: Breezy Baldwin

September 2018 – The Global Partnership for Education Secretariat approved the following grant:

US499,825 for Togo to conduct a sector analysis and revise the 2014-2025 education plan

The education sector plan development grant (ESPDG) for Togo will support the revision of the 2014-2025 education plan by reviewing progress and identifying challenges to improve the education sector performance.

The education sector analysis will help conduct targeted analysis around the following themes: a qualitative study on the non-enrolment of girls; a situation analysis of children in Togo; a study on education quality management; an assessment of teachers particularly classrooms observation where new curricula is being implemented; and an assessment supported by the AFD (PAREC) program on lower secondary school reform. Conclusions and recommendations from these studies will be shared with all actors of the education sector through workshops.

UNICEF has been nominated by the local education group to be the grant agent on behalf of the Government of Togo.

Education Sector Plan Development Grants from the Global Partnership for Education are intended to help countries perform strategic, consultative and analytical work to develop or revise their sector plan. The maximum amount is US$500,000, of which US$250,000 is reserved for education sector analysis, and the remainder can be used for additional studies or to develop sector plan.

A child in Togo. Credit: Breezy Baldwin
Sub-Saharan Africa: Togo

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