Global Citizen surpasses its goal, including commitments to education

|Source: Eyewitness News|
Students at Nyamachaki Primary School, Kenya. Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch

While entertainment was the order of the day at the Global Citizen Festival, at the heart of the concert was pledges in support of the world's most marginalized. Global Citizen has announced 57 commitments totaling more than US$7 billion, surpassing its goal seven times.

Significant commitments were also made to #FundEducation, with Sierra Leone committing to increase its education budget to 21.5%, Canada committing CAD$50 million to Education Cannot Wait, and Germany committing to double its funding for GPE from €18 million to €37 million and increase its funding for Education Cannot Wait from €15 million to €31 million. The government of Kenya also pledged to spend close to 30% of its budget on education.

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Students at Nyamachaki Primary School, Kenya. Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch
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