Nigeria: Kaduna State to spend N3 billion on girls' education and school improvement

|Source: The Sun |
Young girl in front of a primary school, Nigeria. Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch

Thanks to a US$100 million project funded through GPE in Nigeria, Kaduna State is preparing to spend N3 billion on girls’ education and school improvement before the end of 2018. According to the state's ministry of education, the money would be used to provide scholarships to girls in primary school as well as training to female teachers in public schools.

The initiative is targeting states where the education index for girls is low by strengthening the quality of basic education and increasing access for girls. Resources are also being allocated to improve over 4000 primary schools in the state. The local government is describing the program as a success so far. 

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Young girl in front of a primary school, Nigeria. Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch
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