Global Partnership for Education grants US$787,000 to support education planning

The Global Partnership for Education has approved grants totaling nearly US$787,000 to support education program development in 3 partner countries. The grants approved in June-August 2019 are as follows:

Partner country Grant type Amount Grant agent
Bangladesh Plan development US$465,000 UNESCO
Rwanda Program development US$121,776 DfID
Sao Tome and Principe Program development US$200,000 World Bank

Education sector plan development grants (ESPDG) are intended to help countries perform strategic, consultative and analytical work to develop or revise their sector plan. The maximum amount is US$500,000, of which US$250,000 is reserved for education sector analysis, and the remainder can be used for additional studies or to develop the sector plan.

Program development grants (PDG) support countries for the design of an education program that will help them implement their national sector strategy. The maximum amount is up to US$200,000, and in exceptional cases up to US$400,000.



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