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January 30, 2020
Putting girls’ education first in Kenya
With support from the Global Partnership for Education, the Government of Kenya is making strides in ensuring that all girls – including those living in the poorest and most remote areas of the country -...



Achieving education systems’ impact and change at scale

During this webinar, Dr Larry Cooley and Dr Rebecca Winthrop will present evidence and experience on how to achieve system impact and change at scale. In doing so, they will build on Dr Cooley’s presentation to the Board in December.


Webinar: Gender and disability - Findings from the Girls’ Education Challenge

This webinar will look at how data can drive disability inclusion in developing countries, drawing on experiences from Girls' Education Challenge projects including in Kenya and Zimbabwe.


Adjusting GPE’s Financing and Funding Framework

The webinar will focus on some of the possible adjustments to GPE’s Financing and Funding Framework and will build on the responses received by partners to the second round of pulse questions.


Coordinating Committee call. March 2020

The Coordinating Committee will have a call in March 2020


Board of Directors retreat. March 2020

The Board of directors will meet for a 3-day retreat in Washington, DC.