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Doriane Tchamanbe

Education Program Officer and Inclusive Education focal point, Africa Network Campaign on Education For All
Doriane Tchamanbe

Doriane Tchamanbe is Education Program Officer and Inclusive Education focal point within the Africa Network Campaign on Education For All (ANCEFA). Doriane is passionately engaged in ensuring that African education civil society’s activities and programs align with the goals and mission statements of ANCEFA.
Doriane is specifically involved in providing technical support to strengthen capacities of national education coalitions that are members of ANCEFA, improving their knowledge and understanding of the SDG 4 and promoting inclusive education. She helps raise awareness and mobilize national education coalitions for their participation in the development, implementation and monitoring of inclusive education sector plans at country level.
She works closely with the West African Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities (WAFOD) and Humanity & Inclusion (HI) to influence government in the elaboration of inclusive education policies, legislation and frameworks that establish education as a government responsibility, and that convey the government’s vision.
Doriane Tchamanbe has a background in international development project management, gender peace and development. Before joining ANCEFA, she worked with Oxfam GB in Senegal, Handicap International and BORNEFODEN in Mali where she coordinated, supervised and implemented development projects. She holds a Master in Project Management and a Master in Gender and Peacebuilding. She works with devotion on the issue of the inclusion of people with disabilities in education systems.