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Fotouh Mahmoud Younes

Advocacy Coordinator, Arab Campaign for Education for All- ACEA

Fotouh Mahmoud Younes is one of the key people in the ACEA secretariat since the establishment of the movement. Being a social actor and a human rights educator, she led many initiatives and organized remarkable advocacy campaigns for education, women and peace. She is the executive director of the Arab Network for Civic Education (ANHRE).

ANHRE’s main focus is SDGs, citizenship and human rights education.

Fotouh Younes is very much familiar with GPE processes and involved in the GCE, ACEA and UNESCO process to empower civil society to take its vital role to ensure free, compulsory, quality, equitable education and lifelong learning for all.

She has a master advocacy fellowship on New Tactics awarded by the Academy for Education Development as an advocacy trainer and practitioner. She is leading, through her work at ANHRE and contribution to ACEA, the effort of the collaborative work to promote the values of citizenship and the culture of human rights and to include the principles of gender equality, the rights of persons with disability and the rights of the most vulnerable groups to discrimination and exclusion through coordination of efforts and capacity building among civil society in the Arab world.