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GPE Secretariat

The Global Partnership for Education Secretariat is headquartered in Washington DC and has approximately 100 staff. The Secretariat provides administrative and operational support to all its partners including 65 developing countries, donor governments, international organizations, the private sector, teachers, and civil society/NGO groups.

Established in 2002, the Global Partnership for Education has grown and evolved to become the only global partnership and fund entirely focused on education in developing countries. Its members include 65 of the world's poorest countries, over 30 bilateral, regional, and multilateral organizations, development banks; the private sector and private foundations; civil society groups; and teachers organizations. The Board of Directors is the partnership's governing body. It sets its policies and strategies and approves all funding. GPE provides developing country partners support to build and implement sound education plans. It has allocated US$4.7 billion in grants since its inception. It aims to achieve education for all by efficiently using international and national resources and matching donors' priorities with developing countries' own education goals and strategies.