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Jo Bourne

Chief Technical Officer, Global Partnership for Education
Jo Bourne

Jo Bourne is Chief Technical Officer at the Global Partnership for Education. In this role, she leads a team of education specialists and draws on expertise across the broader partnership to drive quality policy, strategy and program development as well as rigorous monitoring and evaluation of GPE-supported programs.

She has a rich and diverse experience in education and international development having held senior positions shaping education policy and programs in the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) and most recently at UNICEF.

Initially trained as a primary school teacher, Ms. Bourne worked in a Chinese teacher training college as a volunteer with Voluntary Service Overseas and has taught primary age children in the United Kingdom and China.

After completing an MA in Education and International Development, she joined DFID and took on overseas postings in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda (with the European Commission) and Rwanda. Much of her work in these countries concentrated on collaborating with national governments to develop, implement and monitor ambitious education strategies, while working simultaneously with key development partners to jointly finance education strategies and strengthen accountability for results.

Ms. Bourne also held several positions at DFID’s London Headquarters, playing a leading role in shaping the organization’s education policy and strengthening technical capacity.

Ms. Bourne became UNICEF’s Associate Director for Education in February 2013. She worked with UNICEF’s extensive global network to put equity and learning at the heart of UNICEF’s education agenda, with particular emphasis on early learning, girls’ education, education for children with disabilities, improving learning outcomes, education in emergencies and strengthening education systems.

Picture: ©UNICEF/2013/Susan Markisz.