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Jose Mateo Dela Cruz

GPE youth advocate
Jose Mateo Dela Cruz. Credit: Dave Santuile

Jose Mateo Dela Cruz is a Global Goals advocate from the Philippines. He is currently the Director of the International Youth Council Pilipinas, a youth civil society organization advocating for youth civic engagement in government agencies and intergovernmental bodies.

In addition to being a GPE youth advocate, he serves as a Youth Advisory Panelist for UNFPA Philippines, UNESCO’s Regional Unit for Social & Human Sciences in Asia-Pacific, and is a member of the Family Planning 2020’s Experts Advisory Community.

In the field of education, advocacy and youth development, Jose has been the student representative to the Dean's Management Team of the University of the Philippines Manila – College of Arts and Sciences Administration, and Technical Assistant to the President of the Philippine Normal University – the National Center for Teacher Education. During his time with UP Manila, he implemented education campaigns and was involved with lobbying for higher budgets for education and basic social services. During his time with PNU, Jose assisted the university president on education plans and reforms for the National Center for Teacher Education, and the university's stand on education development during congressional hearings.

Jose is a cum laude graduate from the BA Philippine Arts (Cultural Heritage Studies) program of the University of the Philippines Manila.